Hello everyone!
Last week we celebrated Thanksgiving, a big celebration for American people. Nikki told us everything about this celebration and we made trees to express our thankfulness. We learnt that Thanksgivng comes from along time ago when a group of Irish people left Ireland and went to the USA looking for a better life. They weren't very lucky because when they arrived it was cold and they didn't have anything to eat. However, the Native Americans helped them and the follwoing year, the Irish people prepared a huge feast to thank them for their help.
Now, people give thanks for anything they want. We give thanks for our families and friends and for having everything we have.

La semana pasada celebramos Thanksgiving o Acción de gracias, una celebración especial para los americanos. Nikki nos contó todo sobre esta celebración e hicimos árboles para expresar nuestra gratitud. Aprendimos que los orígenes de Thanksgiving son muy lejanos, de cuando un grupo de irlandeses dejaron su país en busca de una vida mejor. No tuvieron mucha suerte porque cuando llegaron hacía mucho frío y no tenían nada que comer. Sin embargo, un grupo de nativos americanos les ayudó y al año siguiente, los colonos prepararon un gran banquete para agradecerles su ayuda.
Ahora, la gente da gracias por lo que quieran. Nosotros damos las gracias por nuestras familias y amigos y por tener todo lo que tenemos.

While we are celebrating O Magosto today, People in English speaking countries remember the end of World War One. The eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month has a special meaning. Watch the video below to find it out.

You can also have another look at the Powerpoint Presentation your teacher Mary has done to mark this day.

And here it is! The video in which Isabel, Manu, Alberto and Noa tell you everything they've learnt. As it is the first of the school year it is in Spanish, but there wll more in English in the coming months.

Today is a special day in the UK. They celebrate BONFIRE NIGHT or GUY FAWKES' NIGHT. Do you want to know what this celebration is about? Listen to Millie (4) in the video below and have a look at the comic strips your schoolmates from 6th grade have created after watching the video.

Hoxe é un día especial no Reino Unido. Celebran A NOITE DAS FOGUEIRAS ou a NOITE DE GUY FAWKES. Queres descubrir en que consiste esta celebración? Escoita a Millie (4 anos) no seguinte vídeo e bótalle unha ollada ás tiras cómicas que os vosos compañeiros de 6º fixeron despois de ver o vídeo.

Yes, Halloween has gone! but you've worked really hard to celebrate it! Have a look at what your schoolmates  have done this year.

How many monsters are there in the haunted houses your schoolmates have made?

Do you want to draw some monsters too? Watch the videos below try it.

Drawing a mummy with the letter O

Drawing a zombie with the letter C

Drawing Dracula with the letter J

Drawing the Wolfman with the letter P

More drawings at Harptoons by Steve Harpster